My First Guild Challenge

Last night I had the great pleasure of spending some time showing some of my projects to some of the members of the An Tir Embellisher’s Guild who reside here in the shire of Hartwood. I was pleasantly surprised that it was a really great experience. For anyone who doesn’t know me well, I am very self-critical and have been very anxious about people looking at my work in a critical way. After last night though, I feel a lot better about the whole idea. I’m outlining things below for my own benefit, so that I can have a clear outline of where I’m going with this. 

Junior Student

20160501_194830For my junior student challenge, I entered a sample (at working knowledge) of kumihimo from the class that I had taken earlier that day. The sample is of a simple 7 strand braid in acrylic yarn, which was easy to do but peaked my interest in more complex patterns with different kinds of fibres. Since that’s all that is required at Junior Student, I have attained that level. (yay!)

  • working knowledge: kumihimo – April 30/16

Senior Student

20160501_210451For my senior student challenge I entered a card weaving sample from my very first attempt at card weaving (from eons ago!). This piece was accepted at working knowledge, and I’m going to enter another kumihimo braid in a more complex pattern at competency level in order to complete my senior student level.

  • working knowledge: card/tablet weaving – April 30/16
  • competency: to be completed


20160501_210310As a bonus, I had a piece of work accepted for journeyman at working knowledge level in basic embroidery. This is a piece done in stem stitch with a blended fibre. The griffon design is the household badge of Cecille de Beumund, and so I gifted this piece to her.

  • working knowledge:
    1.  small bayeux tapestry sampler (to be completed)
    2.  basic embroidery: griffon napkin – April 30/16
  • competency:
    1. to be completed
    2. to be completed


20160501_212716While the circumstances of the guild meeting did not allow for any judging at the craftsman level, I did have some pieces that I have been directed to apply to this level of challenge when the time comes that we have a gathering with high enough level of judges to do so.

(I’m not listing alllll the things that are “to be completed” here because it would be a huge list)


  • working knowledge: (1 of 4 at this level)
    1. Assisi napkin (from class)
  • competency:
    1. split stitch: favour (Hartwood rules)
    2. tablet weaving: purple & blue Oseberg pattern trim on my apron dress

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