Embellishers Guild Challenge II

This past weekend, the Shire of Hartwood put on a TUTR weekend which not only had some great classes, but also offered the opportunity to have Embellishers Guild challenges. I will definitely need to put some serious thought into my next selection of projects.

This time I was able to put forth some items for challenge at competency level, so some progress was made! The updated list is as follows:

Junior Student

  • working knowledge: kumihimo – completed April 30/16

Senior Student


To finish my senior student challenge I entered a finished piece of kumihimo at competency level. This is a flat braid done in embroidery floss with a diagonal pattern.

  • working knowledge: card/tablet weaving – April 30/16
  • competency: kumihimo braid tie on sewing kit – Challenged April 8/17



For journeyman level at working knowledge, I submitted my Bayeux stitch sampler. I won’t know for a while if this item is accepted.

  • working knowledge:
  1. basic embroidery: griffon napkin – April 30/16
  2. Bayeux stitch: small Bayeux tapestry sampler – challenged April 8/17 (sent to guild leader for approval)
  • competency: (both of these items had been suggested for challenging at the Craftsman level, but make more sense to fill out the journeyman level challenge)
    1. Split stitch – black “Hartwood rules” favour – challenged April 8/17. There is an image of this piece in my previous challenge post
    2. Tablet weaving – purple and blue Oseberg trim sewn on herringbone hangerok – challenged April 8/17tablet2




  • working knowledge: (1 of 4 at this level)
    1. Assisi napkin (from class) – submitted for challenge April 8/17



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