Embellishers Guild Challenge II

This past weekend, the Shire of Hartwood put on a TUTR weekend which not only had some great classes, but also offered the opportunity to have Embellishers Guild challenges. I will definitely need to put some serious thought into my next selection of projects.

This time I was able to put forth some items for challenge at competency level, so some progress was made! The updated list is as follows: Continue reading “Embellishers Guild Challenge II”


My Letter to my Laurel Regarding Our Relationship

The following is the letter that I wrote to my Laurel when we agreed to enter into a Laurel/Apprentice relationship last year (2016). I’m including it here to help remind me of the focus I was looking for when we began.


One of my favourite things about the SCA is the potential for knowledge within the context of dressing up to have a good time with your friends. However, I have an annoying dilemma within this otherwise enjoyable atmosphere; I find my creative enthusiasm constantly hobbled by indecision over “the right way” or “the right things” to add to my persona and her requisite accouterments. I want to avoid the “generic Medieval” or “generic Viking” that seems to be so prevalent these days.

What I am hoping for is some guidance. I want to do Norse in a “real” way, understanding of course that it’s not always possible and sometimes substitutions need to be made so that projects aren’t prohibitively expensive.  My big goal is to eventually have a proper kit befitting a woman of my station, time period, and area (I want to be pre-Christian and I want to have a valid persona-based reason to travel with my household (fighters).  I picked a tentative birth year of 855 to avoid Christian culture.)

I am well aware that having too many options with no focus just leaves me fluttering in the wind so I am hoping that you can help me focus on one piece of the puzzle at a time and guide me to where I can find answers. Once upon a time, you invited me to attend the Golden Swan event with you. I like the idea of, even if I never actually go there, being prepared or accomplished enough to attend/compete sometime way down the road.

I know that you might not *know* everything that I want to learn, but I have no doubts that you can help me find out many of them and point out appropriate resources. My interests in this quest encompass pretty much all day to day life activity.

My First Guild Challenge

Last night I had the great pleasure of spending some time showing some of my projects to some of the members of the An Tir Embellisher’s Guild who reside here in the shire of Hartwood. I was pleasantly surprised that it was a really great experience. For anyone who doesn’t know me well, I am very self-critical and have been very anxious about people looking at my work in a critical way. After last night though, I feel a lot better about the whole idea. I’m outlining things below for my own benefit, so that I can have a clear outline of where I’m going with this.  Continue reading “My First Guild Challenge”